About us

We are pleased to welcome you to Resilient Smiles Dental Lab. 

Resilient Smiles Dental Lab is an American operated dental lab with direct overseas facilities that specializes in a full range of products. With our expertise in the global dental industry, we are confident that we will exude your laboratory expectations. Our products are made with highest quality materials and brands that you are already familiar with. We realize the stigma that comes to mind with outsourcing, but we are 100% confident that the work we provide will exceed your satisfaction. All of your cases are unique to us, and with our highly trained and skilled technicians, your cases are sure to be handled with the utmost care. 

Our passion of helping dentists provide quality smiles for their patients is what started it all! We take pride in servicing all of our dentists and their patients with high quality dental restorations at an affordable cost. Our mission is to meet our consumers expectations of craftsmanship and services, and thanks to our labs innovative technology and well-trained technicians, we are able to provide just that! We realize how difficult it can be to find a lab that meets your needs and the needs of your patients. That’s why our vision of helping our dentists grow their practice by providing safe and reliable restorations is important to us. We would love to be your next favorite dental lab. With our unique relationship we create with our doctors and staff, we will always make you feel like we are by your side!

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