Resilient Smiles Products


PFM’s are typically used to provide a natural but strong and long-lasting crown
· Natural tooth color
· Honorable Strength
· Precise Fit
· Smooth Surface
· Cost Effective
· Biocompatible

Full Metal Crowns are one of the longest types of crowns used. The classic metal crowns are entirely made of a single piece of alloy. (May include other noble alloys such as: Palladium, Nickel, Chromium, or Titanium.)
· Best for molars and premolars
· Less expensive restoration
· Less tooth structure to be removed

PFZ’s are considered to be the most aesthetically pleasing, making an excellent choice for anterior teeth.
· Highly Biocompatible
· High Density
· Natural Appearance (Closest to natural teeth)
· Solid Strength
· High Translucency


You can choose from a variety of shades that our standard acrylic dentures offer. Our full dentures are the closest to the natural gum shade with better transparency, heavily increasing the vivid characterization of the denture. Our standard acrylic dentures come with a soft base, good flexibility and good retention. All of our dentures come in a large variety of shades that your patient can choose from. Our shades go from light pink to dark meharry and come with high-impact acrylic premium teeth.

• Variety of shades
• High-impact acrylic teeth
• Solid retention and flexibility
• Natural look

This is one of our most popular choices for partials! Cast metal partials are ideal for a lighter and more flexible choice for easier adjustments. Our cast metal partials are made with high quality cobalt alloy, and is nickel and beryllium free. Our cast metal partial will be a perfect choice for patient with allergies.

• Heat cured Lucitone 199
• Nickel and Beryllium-free
• Vitallium 2000 available*
(*Additional charges apply)

Our flexible partials are the best choice for its unique physical and esthetic assets. It can relieve the chewing strength of the pontic teeth and help protect the gum. Valplast™ partials seamlessly blends with the patient’s gums and is the most adaptable to both hard and soft tissues. Valplast™ partials can also be combined with our cast metal frame partials.

• Durable and flexible
• Vivid anatomy
• Stable retention
• Come in the following shades: Clear, Light, Pink, Medium Meharry, and Dark Meharry)
• Easy to clean for sanitation purposes